Words are passé. Sentences are boring.
Pictures however are fun. Effortless. Fast.

Now users can authenticate themselves visually through their personal preferences … their likes and dislikes.
With superior protection against guessing attacks and data mining and strong recollection, Blue Moon outclasses conventional solutions like password-reset “challenge questions.”
Error rates between 1% – 2%.
Registration time ~60 seconds.
Authentication time ~30 seconds.
Try the world’s first visual authentication!

Cache Cookie Identification

Don’t lose your cookies!

Many users today block conventional cookies in their browsers as a privacy measure.
RavenWhite’s cache cookies help restore lost usability and convenience to such users while maintaining good privacy.
And provide an authentication system which helps track and authenticate users.
They also help combat online security threats such as phishing and pharming that ordinary cookies cannot.
Plus they can strengthen ordinary cookies as well.
With options for privacy configuration.